Chiara Martini

I am a DPhil (that is, PhD) student in Philosophy at the University of Oxford, where I work under the supervision of Prof Ursula Coope and Dr Michail Peramatzis. At the moment I am the Graduate Development Scholar for Philosophy at St. Anne's college; before this, my research was funded by the Clarendon Fund and Pembroke college.

My main research interest is in ancient philosophy of physics and mathematics. My thesis investigates the relation between Aristotle's philosophy of geometry and his physics. In particular, I am interested in the relation between physical and geometrical modality, and how geometry applies to the physical world.

I completed a BPhil in Philosophy at the University of Oxford in 2018, with a dissertation titled Void and Spatiality in Epicurus' Letter to Herodotus. Prior to that, I did an MA and a BA in Philosophy at the University of Bologna, Italy.

You can find my CV here.